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Gâteau d'anniversaire chien

Birthday cake

PriceFrom €10.50

Birthday cake made from wheat and corn flour,  coconut milk

Several flavors available:

  • Vanilla
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Carrot (Carrot Cake)

Carob (cocoa substitute) or fruit glaze.


  • Round 8cm in diameter
  • Rectangle 8cm long
  • Bone 13cm in length

Possibility gluten-free cake or  vegan, contact me for any special request.

Order time: 10  days before the birthday.

Candle not included.

    Home delivery possible, on your furry birthday for maximum freshness,  (Luxembourg only) contact me.

    For deliveries by post, the cake will be vacuum-packed and the frosting in a small glass jar.

    Heat the glaze in a bain-marie, stirring, then pour over the cake.  



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