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Collier antiparasitaire chien

Amber, ceramic and lava stone necklace

PriceFrom €38.20

Handcrafted necklace  to keep TICKS away from your hair  100% natural,  combining amber, EM ceramic and lava stone. 


  • Ceramic EM (white tubes):

EM ceramic is a Japanese discovery, it is made of clay to which Effective Micro-Organisms (EM) are added during anaerobic firing (away from the air). Thanks to this method of cooking, the microorganisms settle in the clay and live there for a long time.

These EM emit magnetic resonances, vibrations, which disturb the tick's receptors.

She does not cling because her senses are disturbed.

Wet the collar every 10 days (leaving the leather out of the water) and let it dry in the sun or in the open air.

  • Amber :

Natural Baltic amber.

Amber is a resin that contains aromatic properties called terpines, the warmth of your pet's body and the friction of its coat releases a resinous scent that repels ticks and fleas.

Friction generates electrostatic waves which also repel them.

  • Lava stone :

Rebalancing stone. And which, because of its porosity, allows you to add a drop of fine lavender essential oil which repels ticks and fleas. 



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